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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Classes on Cloth Doll Artistry!!!


I am excited to announce my Little Darling's class is on CDA.  As always, Connie did a beautiful job and Tara Lee's Groot did the pdf work on the pattern and instructions and made it so pretty!  She is Kat Lees daughter and an amazing person.  Little Darling's is the pattern for the rattle, ornament and little dolly.  Face and complete patterns can be printed right on to your fabric.  Fun, fun pattern to design and simple to make each creation.


Little Darling Rattle & Ornament with Big Doll I made from Judi Ward's pattern, 6 - 9 mo. baby.

Jennifer Belle is also going to be a class.  She is complete with face templates along with instructions for the complete doll.  I really  had fun working on the button jointed dolls for a while there.  I love the big eyed, big headed girls.  Sweet Grace and Jasmin Belle & her Dolly (on right) were all made from this pattern. 

Jennifer Belle:

Sweet Grace:

I love Cloth Doll Artistry. If you are not a member, please check it out. If you love dolls, you will love this site.

I hope to see you there!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dolly News:

No new dolly's but my Jennifer Belle pattern doll will be coming up on CDA as a class.  (see link on right).  Also, my Little Darling's class.  You can check out Dolly on the right, she is part of that class and her head is used to make a rattle or ornament as well.  Her pattern prints right onto your fabric.  Easy and fun.  She is meant to look like the old vintage dolls.  This pic shows her as printed but she can be darkened to look newer too like the pic with Jasmin. 

Little Grace is my painting tutorial:

She is the model for the class, using her face.  Her pattern to make a full doll is the Jennifer Belle pattern and this includes instructions for Jennifer's face as well.  Jasmin was also made from this pattern (Jasmin Belle).

I am still hoping to make a new doll pattern soon.  Really am dreaming of a soft sculpt baby.  I have decided that despite the health challenges lately, it really must be the time of year.  So much going on and the weather is so gorgeous, I just am soooo distracted!

Plus, dolly room is not finished.  It is primed and waiting for paint though.  I wish I could paint it but I can't lift my arms over my head easily for any length of time.  Hubby is soooo busy and tends to want the walls perfect so he has touched up and touched up.  I told him he doesn't need to be so picky but he cann't help it.  The walls were in rough shape from being a play-room when the kids were little and then Sarah's room for several years. 

I'll be sharing my room with Tim now that he is in business for himself.  Lucky he doesn't mind all my dolls about : )  Half of them and my supplies remain packed up though, driving me crazy!  However, I am so busy with my new granddaughter coming in September it definetely keeps me preoccupied.

I had so much fun shopping just  a bit for Tia's upcoming baby shower end of July.  Found some really fun game ideas on etsy and ebay.  Got supplies to start making fun interactive table decorations.  It is going to be great.  Finally finished gathering all the adresses for the baby shower.  Jeff's mom made the arrangements to book a hall so it feels good to be moving forward with concrete plans. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Blessings to all of our soldiers and families. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey there! 
Lookie, a Giveaway from Trish!  Crafty Creation's By Trish.  3, wow!  3 darling ladies!!

Please click on her link to enter : )  Her button is on the right also : )

Good Luck!

More info about me coming soon but no new dolls yet. 


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good News for Jasmin & her Dolly.  It looks like she found a new home.  Her sale is pending echeck next week followed by that clearing but I am so happy.  I was going to keep her if I still had her when my dolly room was done and I had a place to safely display her.  (most of my doll collection is packed up right now).  I really need the funds though but will miss her. 


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am happy as can be though, just have to share.  I felt my grand-baby kick for the first time tonight. It was such an amazing bonding moment with my daughter and the baby we are calling Willow for now. I was the first to feel the baby kick.

I have not done any dolly making at all.  Goodness, I hope I feel like it soon. 

I am still waiting on my dolly room for reasons that can't be helped. 

Season change and lots of stressors lately, the usual physical stuff make it just not what I am up to doing.  I just keep telling myself I will make another soon.

Hubby started his new business last month (took over the pool business he has always done as his boss retired).  It's great but scary.  Funds are super tight but he is getting into the swing of things and the book keeping program.  His ex-boss is like a dad to him.  He lost his dad when he was 5.  We have known for a long time he would take over the business just not when.  His boss decided this past year he was ready to retire and in his 70's well deserved. 

Cut my finger badly, had a large glass splinter and needed stitches.  Pretty healed up now though. 

Sarah has decided she wants to be a cheerleader.  Hopefully, this will burn some of her energy as the girl has enough for both of us.  Jesse is skating during all his free time and is in heaven since Skate3 came out on Tuesday.  Brian is doing well, chasing his music dreams and has so many projects going on.  Tia is doing great and finishing her internship for her medical assistant training and of course, growing my granddaughter.

Hope your all enjoying summer so far!

As always, I enjoy reading your blogs girls.  Happy creating.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I have been missing in action.  It has been a busy time here.  I haven't worked on a doll in soooo long.  My dolly room is still not done.  Just the last thing on the list these days since it is an empty room anyway.  I do have ideas and want to work on a doll, just haven't been up to it.  Hubby is starting his own business this month and the kids... and such just keep us so busy. 

The nice weather has been soooo wonderful.  I hope you are enjoying it, minus the muggy stillness of most of today.

I am lowering the price of Jasmine & Her Dolly.  She is on etsy at $100. plus shipping (priority mail).  Economy sale. 

Congrats to the winner of Ree's gorgeous doll (Tipsy Tea Cups).

Loving all the dolls I am seeing.  I love rag dolls soooo much but my next doll will be a baby of the soft sculpt variety if I can get to the pattern I have planned.  Okay, when...  : )

Love & Hugs,



Kelly Belle

Kelly Belle

~Grace Belle~

~Grace Belle~

~Jasmine Belle & Her Baby~

~Jasmine Belle & Her Baby~

~Violet Belle~

~Violet Belle~

~Jennifer Belle~

~Jennifer Belle~

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Am I cute?