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Vanilla Bean Babies

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh My, I made it through the no peeking week!!! I had a little help since I have been without power for several days. I am on a generator now and just got back cable, therefore, internet today! Phew!!

I did get a dolly almost done, need to paint her face and wig her. I did a baby from a pattern and applied nose and fun fur wig which is different for me but was fun. I am not sure when the kids will be back in school or when I can get to paint her face. Have had a house full as we have shower ability and such since hubby is a brainiac with the generator so other than cable out and no internet, you hardly would have known we had no electricity. We did have to stay creative to keep the kids busy, games, cards etc. but it was fun.

I saw sooooo many cute dollies! Ree, I am in love love love and Jess your new dolly is darling! Madame Samm's Duvet is so pretty and Carla, looking forward to seeing your dollies done.  I have to go about reading more and I saw a quilt and so much to catch up on.

Good to be able to take a quick peek before this laptop runs out of juice and will need to be charged. Hubby has to keep switching up what the generator is hooked up to when. He is thinking of putting in a larger one if things aren't resolved soon. I am better off than lots so no complaining here. Have the fam in and it is busy. My Aunt had a tree come through her living room and kitchen that she had just had redone : (

Hope to catch up more soon!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Girls Birthday.

My girls are 20 & 12 this weekend.  Thought I'd share a quick pic.  One more day to peek at my fave blogs and then not again until Friday!  Cold sweats, jitters... withdrawl already!

Friday, February 19, 2010

No Peeking!

Well, I am taking the No Peeking Pledge.  If you haven't seen the brilliant challenge by Madame Samm, please take a peek, pun intended, at her sight.  I will not be peeking at dolly blogs though it will be sooooo hard!!!  Starting, Monday-Friday next week.  I do have a dolly cut out and kids home all week so it works out pretty well I think...  You can win an OOAK by Madame Samm too!  Click on the pledge button to the right to get your own pledge button and let Madame Samm know via comment on her blog that you are in!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just Hi

Well, I am so happy we have our Ree back.  She has exciting things coming! 

Jess's giveaway is still ongoing and she has a new dolly of course, precous as can be.

Also, another giveaway to check out by Trish and is she ever sweet and brings good luck too!

We had our snowstorm yesterday and it wasn't too bad by our North-East standards but school was cancelled.  I am hoping you poor souls that got so slammed are doing okay.  I know my sister in VA has been through so much and my brother in D.C.  Just crazy.

I do have dolls planned.  I have traced patterns LOL.  Just haven't sewn yet.  I am doing a baby and a rag style dolly and that is about all I know.  I haven't worked out the faces or hair yet but have specific plans.  I just wish I had the time.  It will be better when I get my own room soon, right?  I am sure it will.  For now, I am enjoying Jess settling into her new studio. 

Tara has my Little Darling's Pattern and I am relieved that it is in  her hands now.  She is a super busy girl but just amazing and I am in no hurry so when it is done, I will let everyone know.  I think it is a nice, fast project.

I am doing a baby from a pattern coming up and a rag doll style from my Jennifer pattern so am taking a break from designing and writing but I would love to dream up something else from scratch again in the not too distant future.

Meantime, it sure is fun looking at everyone elses work.  You are all so inspiring.  Plus, all the blogs are so pretty!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Morning

I am thinking of all of you still getting hit by the snow and digging out.  Jeez I hope it lets up for you soon! 

Notice the Giveaway botton on the right, ohhhh so cute!  I know I want to be her mommy : )

Not much to report here as far as what I am making.  I hope to start a dolly soon.  Where is my energy?  My get up and go?  I'll find it somewhere... 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Commercial

Tara Lees-Groot sent me my commercial today for my Button Belle Jennifer pattern.  It is so cool.  I don't know how to post it here but it is on my website on the pattern page.  If you have a moment, please check it out : )  Oh and there is a link on my facebook page.  It is also at my Fuzzb store.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Winner of Angel Hanna!

Thank you all who entered.  I am pleased to announce Trish's name was pulled out of the hat by my daughter Sarah.  Trish, I will contact you via your blog and/or you can email me at and send me your adress and I will get her right out to you!!  Yeah!!

No new dolly news on my front but loving seeing all the creations going on by all of you.  It inspires me every single day.  So would spring LOL.  Sure wish it would get her.

Today I had Sarah home sick but she seems okay.

Missing you Carla, hope you get your internet back soon.  Ree too.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giveaway & New Siggy, Thank You Madame Sam!


Tomorrow I will draw a name from a hat for Angel Hannah and then contact the winner for her adress : ) 

Thanks so much for my siggy!  I love it : )


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi... Ohhh & my win came!!!

Ohhhh & my win from Carolyn came today!!  Scarlett & Val are just gorgeous and so so sweet in person!!  I wish I could sew clothes like these and her various jewels are gorgeous!  Love the hair, so soft and sweet, just beauties in person.  I am so tickled to peices, thanks so much Carolyn!!  The bead joints are really cool.  I have never seen these in person.

I finally finished my second pattern.  Little Darling's is my rattle/ornament/Dolly pattern.  I am sending it off to Tara Monday so she can pdf it and work her magic.  She takes my directions and pics and turns my Plain Jane pattern into something gorgeous with her graphics and arranging of all the photos.  Love her work soooo much.  Anyone looking for help in this area, she is amazing.  Jess, of Little Dirt Lane did my blog up so stunning and shared the graphics with Tara so I have an official Logo.   Tara's site is in my list of blogs I follow.  She does lovely things with jewelry and her own art.  Quite an eye she has.

 Loving visiting my blog friends.  Looking forward to drawing the winning name, thanks for entering, I am rooting for you all.

For those who are in the midst of a blizzard today, stay safe and warm! 


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vanilla Bean Cloth Doll Giveaway

In honor of my Scarlett and Val, that I won on The Patchwork Ark site made by the talented Carolyn, I am doing a pay it forward giveaway.

**Edited:  I changed the entry a bit since not everyone has a blogger account.  It is free and fun though for those that didn't realize that like me, until just lately.

I decided to giveaway Angel Baby Hannah.  She is my doll that I made for the class on CDA.  All patterns for classes on CDA are exclusive to the class and won't be sold.  Just an FYI. 

To enter simply post a comment : )    If you already are in my blog list of followers you are automatically entered.

I will announce the winner who will be picked out of a hat on February 8th, so a quicky.  That way, I can get her shipped on the 9th and she can be home for Valentine's Day.

Love & Hugs,

My Angel Baby Hannah:

February 3rd

Hi,  Goodness, I have been not feeling well the last two days, signed in this afternoon to check my emails and find I won Carolyn's giveaway for Scarlette and Val!  I am so excited.  It has been too long since I have been able to get a dolly from another cloth artist and these two are just precious!!  Thank you Carolyn!  I will post pics of them when they are home.

I have not had dolly time as of late but I have gotten some emails from ladies requesting my bigger babies.  So, I am going to focus on getting some larger babies done.  I rarely do custom orders as, well, I worry about meeting the vision of the collector as the dolls have a mind of there own so I don't have that much control over the final baby's look.  Sounds odd but I know those of you who are artists understand what I mean.  So, just letting people know that I will get some babies done.  I do have a pattern or two I have been itching to make.  I want to make original baby patterns too but for now I am taking a pattern break to do a few babies for fun and of course I will sell them.  It is how I afford to make more : )  Plus, it brings me so much joy when someone is happy with a dolly I made.

I do want to make more rag dolls too as I really enjoy doing them.  So, that's my plans but we'll see how they play out LOL.  I am going to have a dolly/workroom soon so that will help me be able to get more done vs having to pull out my supplies and pack them back up when I work now.

I will post my giveaway in a new post shortly. 




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